Strategic Advice and Change Management

We support clients in developing strategies and translating them into deliverable plans that support them in achieving their goals.
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We offer advice on different forms of contract, avoiding the need for clients to immediately engage costly Legal Advisors. We have been pivotal in saving millions of pounds for clients in the NHS through carefully planned negotiations. We have also negotiated clinical contracts on behalf of the Department of Health with a value of a hundred and fifty millions pounds.
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Programme and Project Management

We are experienced programme and project managers, supporting clients to establish project management systems and deciphering complex projects into manageable processes that their own staff can deliver.
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USL support Trusts in reviewing their property portfolios to determine if they can make available funds to support their strategic requirements, both short and long term.
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Procurement Of NHS Services

Whether you are an NHS Commissioner seeking to procure patient or support services or you are a Provider looking to respond to such procurement, we have experience on both sides of the process, which provides insight that you can gain an advantage from.
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Whether you are a CCG, NHS Trust or other healthcare organisation we can support you to improve efficiency in the way you deliver your services.
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Award Winning Support

Award Winning Care

As a consultancy we have delivered projects for NHS Organisations that has supported them in achieving National Awards.

Latest Technology

To drive efficiency we use the latest technology wherever we can to speed up service delivery and pass on the savings. Currently we are developing software to support Trust’s in discharging patients in an efficient and effective manner.

NHS Awareness

Working for Department of Health; NHS England; Local Authorities; Charities; Provider Trusts and Commissioners we know how the system fits together and can support you in deciphering the challenges.


With any appointment, oversight is provided by a Director of the company and weekly update reports provided to Clients.

New Models of Care

At the forefront of NHS England’s drive to develop New Models of Care, we have been instrumental in developing Commissioner and Providers new models of care, achieving Vanguard Status for a number of Schemes.

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