Monitor’s – Patient Choice Review (Standing Rules 39 & 41)

cartoon-oneRecently Monitor completed a year long investigation into two Clinical Commissioning Groups in Lancashire and whether they were meeting their obligations under the Standing Rules to offer choice to patients of providers and whether they were publicising and promoting choice to patients in a sufficient manner. This process has been drawn out and complex for the CCGs, being required to audit processes, communications and interpreting legal regulations.

As a consultancy, we supported the two Clinical Commissioning Groups through this process, auditing their approaches to the Standing Rules, identifying gaps and working with their teams to introduce measures to address Monitor’s concerns.

To support other Clinical Commissioning Groups, we are offering an audit service, drawing on our experience of the process and regulations, to support you in ascertaining whether you are meeting the requirements under the Standing Rules to prevent you from encountering long unnecessary investigations. Our audit service is quick efficient and focuses on your promotion of patient choice through policy and practice and we can provide templates to support the process. Most of the work can be done remotely and can be completed within a couple of weeks.


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