New developments in delivering a Paperless NHS

“The demand for EDMS is there but not the method, given it has been a struggle for finance directors to get budget. All Trusts and Health Boards know they need to get rid of paper and transition quickly to digital delivery” Vijay Magon, CCube Solution MD


A new funding model announced this month by CCube Solutions and Genmed intends to finance their paperless strategy, cutting costs for the NHS and allowing for swift implementation of the EDMS Project (Electronic Document Management System) and compliance with the Department of Health’s requirement for Trusts and Health Boards to be paperless by 2023. Genmed is a UK based health service provider whilst CCube Solutions is a software and content management provider in the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) industry that works with both the private and public sector in order to manage their information systems.

There has been increasing demand to move away from paper based medical records to a digitised service that would be more convenient and efficient for the NHS. This would allow patients to book appointments and order prescriptions online, access apps and speak to doctors through web-based methods. It is widely claimed that a paperless service would allow doctors to diagnose patients promptly, reduce operational costs and would save time spent by medical staff on administration that would be better spent elsewhere. The government’s commitment to this is reflected in their desire for the NHS to transition to the use of EDMS as swiftly as possible. Despite the demand for paperless records and government attempts to achieve this, there remains a lack of funding to meet the government requirements by the deadline – the cost of enacting software systems and back scanning remain costly. Among other issues currently facing the NHS, this has not always been prioritised

CCube Solutions has partnered with Genmed to provide a solution to this where they will offer NHS Trusts and Health boards a cost efficient bespoke service which they claim will allow the NHS to fund the transition to paperless medical records. NHS London Procurement Partnership confirmed that they would be taking on CCub Solutions’ EDMS services, with North Bristol NHS following suit this month.

“The business case for the EDMS project is predicated on a scan-on-demand model where only the patient notes for people booked to attend clinic will be processed, not everything in the library. This saves a huge amount of money given the other records will be destroyed in line with our retention policies and procedures as and when they reach their expiry dates.” Neil Darvill, Director of Informatics, North Bristol NHS Trust

The service, which will be created alongside the NHS, will include CCube’s own electronic document management software, IT hardware, project management services and the back scanning of legacy records.  Consultation will take place throughout to ensure that the service is tailored to the particular Trust or Health Board and to counter any difficulties that arise along the way. CCube Solutions and Genmed aim to resolve the financial difficulties in place by providing a revenue based model which spreads the costs of the service out, meaning that the costs incurred are considered as operational expenditure rather than capital expenditure. CCube Solutions and Genmed will group together the costs of the various sub-services required to ensure the swift move towards paperless records under an umbrella contract. The NHS will then be charged monthly or quarterly for the overall service.

Genmed and CCube Solutions claim their services are efficient, cost-effective and transparent – the success of the service will be seen in the near future.

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