F&Estates Review 1

NHS Trust – Facilities and Estates Department Review

We were recently commissioned to undertake a review to look at the functional suitability of an NHS Trust Facilities & Estates Department including its leadership and performance management to determine whether the Department was fit for purpose and had the necessary skills, capability, structure and governance systems in place to continue to deliver the requirements … Continued

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Monitor’s – Patient Choice Review (Standing Rules 39 & 41)

Recently Monitor completed a year long investigation into two Clinical Commissioning Groups in Lancashire and whether they were meeting their obligations under the Standing Rules to offer choice to patients of providers and whether they were publicising and promoting choice to patients in a sufficient manner. This process has been drawn out and complex for … Continued

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Asset Value Release

We have recently arranged, and are still arranging, terms for a number of Trusts and Local Authorities to release capital by arranging for institutional investors to buy property for a fixed term, enjoy a modest but guaranteed return during that term and then pass back the property at the end of the term for a … Continued

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