NHS and Emergency Services Praised for Rapid Response to Manchester Terror Attack

Following the terror attack in Manchester on Monday the 22nd, the NHS and emergency services were commended for their efficient response as they worked through the night in an attempt to save lives and treat the injured. Such a large scale response meant that over 60 ambulances arrived to treat victims and to take people to hospitals all over greater Manchester, including Manchester Royal Infirmary, Stepping Hill and Salford Royal. Advanced paramedics, doctors, ambulance crews and hazardous area response teams were present at the scene. In light of the seriousness of the event, ambulance crews from Wales, the Midlands and Yorkshire were also present to help.

The NHS were fully prepared in case of a situation like this, under the lead of Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership’s Chief Officer Jon Rouse. Mrfire-scene Rouse said that the emergency services had recently practiced for such an emergency, with a previously-created detailed dispersal plan being implemented in practice that night, allowing for the smooth operation that ensued.

Such organisation meant that communication amongst emergency services was effective. The designated area or hospital for specific patient injuries were known at the outset and staff were fully instructed on how to act in such a situation, allowing them to carry out their duties calmly and swiftly in the midst of a pressured scenario. As Royal Bolton Hospital Chief Executive, Dr Jacke Bene explained, ‘we plan for incidents such as this in the hopes that we never have to put those plans into action’.

The NWAS Chief Executive Derek Cartwright said that ‘our staff worked tirelessly throughout the night to co-ordinate the large scale response with 60 ambulances attending the horrifying scene in the city. We are extremely proud of the professional way our staff responded and treated those involved’, with the Queen praising the emergency services for their ‘professionalism and care’ in light of such a terrible event.

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