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Vanguard Sites: New Care Models

The ‘Five Year Forward View’ set out several new care models which aimed to dissolve traditional boundaries between general practice, community providers, hospitals, health and social care and mental health services.  A number of care models were proposed by the document, due to the recognition that the country is too diverse for a single model of care to work everywhere:

  • Primary and Acute Care Systems (PACS) – were said to be a new variant of ‘vertically integrated’ care allowing single organisations to provide GP, hospital, community and mental health services
  • Multispecialty Community Providers (MCPs) – were said to form extended primary care group practices through the use of federations, networks or single organisations to provide a wider range of care using a broader range of professionals. It was also stated by the BMA that the document specifically mentioned employing consultants or taking them on as partners, and potentially developing a new workforce of resident ‘hospitalists’ which would be intended to shift the majority of outpatient consultations and ambulatory care to out of hospital settings.

As a business USL Consultants has had involvement in two Vanguard schemes to date, both are currently progressing and focus on the PACS models. USL were involved early on prior to Vanguard status and developed the governance structures and design approach with the NHS organisations to support a successful delivery of the schemes, recognising that they are unorthodox in many of their characteristics.  One of the many elements that is key to success is engagement with clinicians and the broader community to ensure that the design is owned by patients, the public and openly evaluated in terms of whether it is a success and meets the outcomes required.  If you want to discuss our experiences in more detail please get in touch.

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