USL is a healthcare consultancy that offers advice to clients across a comprehensive range of services tailored to their needs.  With extensive experience of delivering successful projects and programmes for the Department of Health, NHS England; NHS Trusts and Commissioners, USL has the strategic connections to assist in the successful delivery of projects.

No matter how complex a problem might seem, we can support you in deconstructing it and delivering a simple solution.

Given USL’s experience at different levels of the health economy it is ideally positioned to support the NHS in its new configuration, aid commissioners and providers and introduce robust systems and governance recognising the broader policy and system in which it is set.

USL has a passion for the work it undertakes with a wealth of leadership, managerial, technical & operational expertise that adds value to all client projects.


Client Satisfaction

We provide a service where client satisfaction is the core measure of success.  If you are happy with the work we do, we hope to work with you again.  We have been working with most of our clients for over five years.

Transparency and Openness

In delivering our services we ensure communication and information flows meet the client’s requirements.  This approach ensures accountability at all stages.


To ensure we deliver quality and relevant services, we have developed in-house systems and tools which are tailored at the beginning of each appointment to support individual client reporting requirements.


Much of the advice we provide is focused on leaving a legacy or system in place that the NHS can continue to use without any ongoing support.

Best Value

Value is an essential part of USL’s focus when delivering services. Each appointment is unique and services are tailored to be bespoke to each client. USL are committed to achieving Value for Money by delivering a balance of efficient, effective and economic services.