We offer advice on different forms of contract, avoiding the need for clients to immediately engage costly Legal Advisors. Whether you are a CCG reviewing your commissioning support services for the Lead Provider Framework or working through existing NHS contracts to improve outcomes, we can assist.

We have been pivotal in saving millions of pounds for the NHS through carefully planned negotiations. We have also negotiated clinical contracts on behalf of the Department of Health with a value of in excess of a hundred and fifty millions pounds.

Contract advice and negotiation can include any of the following factors:

  • Agreeing the main elements of a contract before a written contract is in place
  • Involving and managing lawyers
  • Managing colleagues effected or colleagues relevant to details of contract
  • Ensuring any liaison that takes place adheres to applicable time constraints
  • Varying a contract
  • Terminating a contract
  • Triggering action from a provider

As well as the above, we can also look at mobilising and managing a contract on behalf of an organisation in order to support compliance, innovation and cost savings.


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