Whether you are a CCG, NHS Trust or other healthcare organisation we can support you to improve efficiency in the way you deliver your services.

As a consultancy we are experienced in improving organisational efficiency and can work with you to determine where efficiency can be improved which can be through ensuring that staff are aligned to support the organisation’s goals with transparent and accountable processes. When carrying out efficiency reviews, we will typically undertake the following activities:

  • Observe to gain an insight to the current approach of the business area or areas
  • Analyse this to determine areas of weakness and potential improvement
  • Conduct a causal analysis of any identified areas of weakness or areas for potential improvement
  • Determine the required actions for improvement and processes within the organisation
  • Map these improvements within the structure of the organisation to ensure that they can be implemented
  • Communicate the required changes to the organisation

Once a review has been carried out, the organisation will have the knowledge required to make their organisation more efficient.

Change within an organisation can take time and we can develop clear legacy information to support the efficiency measures being implemented even in our absence.


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