We are experienced programme and project managers, supporting clients to establish project management systems, project management offices (PMOs) and deciphering complex projects into manageable processes that their own staff can deliver. Each project needs to be understood before Project Management approaches can be considered. As a consultancy we understand the different approaches and how to integrate them with existing NHS organisational systems.

The health sector is a dynamic environment that demands technical innovation and ingenuity to solve problems.  As a company with qualified project managers and extensive experience across a variety of sectors, we can support clients in realising their projects advising at all stages of a project.

We have carried out many projects in a range of settings through the application of various processes and methods along with knowledge and skills to meet organisations desired objectives through implementing the following activities:

  • Determining roles and responsibilities
  • Identification of milestones and resources
  • Identification of stakeholders and interdependencies
  • Management of delivery and project budgets
  • Planning using Microsoft Project and other planning tools

When carrying out programme management for an organisation, our activities change as this involves managing a multitude of projects through ensuring the following:

  • An oversight of any related projects
  • Any business and technical processes involved have been established
  • Established processes have been audited and enforced
  • Analysis, acceptance and implementation of any process improvements
  • Existing processes have been measured against established metrics.

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